Manifold Cloud Services Ltd. received the 2020 Gold award in the Contractor Services and Software category for its measureQuick app!

The product is a universal Bluetooth application that allow tools from multiple manufacturers to be used on a single platform. Beyond displaying measurements, measureQuick collects measurements; aggregates data; diagnoses air conditioning, heat pump, and gas furnace faults; analyzes systems; measures efficiency and capacity; and educates technicians. All of the measured data is evaluated, normalized, and collected into extensive reports for equipment owners.

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The future of quality assurance is here.

With measureQuick there is no better way to analyze data your techs bring in from the field. Assure that every job is optimized to your standards.


How rare is it to come across a system with optimal textbook conditions? Like finding a Unicorn right? With mQ, you install your equipment, optimize to the best of your abilities considering the existing conditions, and Benchmark it! Once a system is Benchmarked, no need to open the system ever again.

Cloud Back Up

Techs save their projects to the cloud so Service Managers or Owners can view later. And when techs go back out to a job, they just pull their previously saved project down from the cloud and they instantly have equipment history and demographics of the job site.


Does a tech need help? No longer pick up the phone and waste time TELLING others what you're seeing. Instead, share your screen with anyone you want so they can SEE exactly what you're seeing.

This makes troubleshooting simple and effective so your techs can get it fixed and get on to another site.

PDF Reports

Our PDF reports are completely customizable to your needs. They are easy to read for customers yet display key technical information so you can ensure your techs left the job site just like you would've if you were there.

Tool Connections

Do your team members prefer a specific tool manufacturer? mQ incorporates 9 different Bluetooth® tool manufacturers and brings them all into one cohesive mQ platform. We are continually adding tools to our toolbox!

We can do what other apps can't.

measureQuick is a one-of-a-kind game changing app. You won't find a competitor.


Can't figure out what's wrong with a system. The app will tell you! Not only does it tell you what's wrong, but it also tells you how to fix it.

Sensi Predict & ServiceTitan®

We've integrated with two top players in the game. Utilize these key integrations for no extra charge.

Virtuoso Portal

Use our web-based portal to manage your account and your team. We get you set up so you can take off!

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